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What is STICON?

Ship Technology Industrial Consultancy is a complete Engineering Consultancy firm, incubated under Centre for Innovation Technology Transfer and Industrial Collaboration (CITTIC), CUSAT, which primarily deals with Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Marine Engineering and Structural Engineering.

Ship Stability Tests

STICON undertakes stability tests for existing vessels and providing with a Trim & Stability Booklet approved by authorised official. STICON also undertake Preliminary Stability Calculations for new projects, helping in rectifying design flaws before construction.

Ship Design

STICON will take up design projects from all the stages and will implement the holistic ship design procedure which covers the design, production, operation stages of a vessel. STICON also provides cost analysis and approval documents for new projects.

Project Guidance

STICON provides the perfect conditions to set forth with students' Projects by guiding graduates and under graduates to design and implement their curriculum projects by ferreting out new concepts which our experts will inspire, develop and produce as their projects.


STICON was established with the objective to bring innovations to the maritime sector and to provide technical assistance to the maritime and related industries/organizations by way of design, modifications, evaluation of projects etc. with active support from other experts in the field. The Startup is focused to provide assistance and service industries in rural regions which needs the technical expertise in design, production, and operation of inland vessels. STICON adopts scientific ship design procedures on a much cheaper rate thereby making it more accessible to the owners and thus ensuring the proper life cycle management. This ensures the safety of the vessels, the lives on board and the water it ply. We have experience doing a wide spectrum of projects including site supervision, project management, basic design, production design & support.

Team Members

Ship Technology Industrial Consultancy [STICON] comprises of the best workforce with expertise ranging in fields of Naval Architecture, Ship Building, Ocean Engineering, Marine Engineering, Structural Analysis. STICON also employs undergraduates as trainees in their respective field of expertise.
Naval Architect and Jr. Consultant
Anishkumar M. N.
Anishkumar M. N.
Lead Naval Architect and Sr. Consultant

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